23 March

Ogre is going to use the briefcase we gave her as a bluff, to pack her things and travel with Dodo for a while, in his mobile medical van. She plans to join Dodo in a couple of weeks. Etcetra said she would like to go with her too. Dodo looked amused and happy. Suddenly, I said I would come along too. Ogre looked thrilled and Dodo looked surprised and happy. We didn’t say much, just looked at each other, imagining what it would be like to travel together for a while. I know I felt absurdly happy. Perhaps all of us did. In anticipation.

At the main crossroad outside the Family Court, work is underway to build a skywalk from Bandra Station to Kala Nagar. I look at the steel frame taking shape, rising above me every day, and imagine what it will be like to negotiate that huge crossroads with ease. I can imagine the exact spot on the bridge where I will stop for a few moments every day, that point where the traffic coming from 7 different directions converges. I imagine the burst of exhilaration I will feel as I pause for that moment, high above the traffic. I feel happy now, imagining the clanging of that steel bridge under my feet as I walk across it. In anticipation.



16 Comments on “23 March”

  1. dee says:

    Loved reading this. No more High BPness?

  2. desi-at-large says:


  3. prachi says:

    Awww! Am so going to miss them all. Hope you turn it into a TV serial some day. Another book in the offing,hopefully?

    • Banno says:

      Prachi, a TV serial is a good idea. Though am wondering who will buy it? And what they will make of it? 🙂

      • desi-at-large says:

        If they have any sense of discernment, they’ll serialize it in the same loving way that Sai Paranjpe’s Chhote Bade or Amol Palekar’s shows were. I’m praying that happens.

        • Banno says:

          Desi-at-large, I think that was a different time. But hey, I don’t want to sound pessimistic or cynical. I do hope it happens.

  4. desi-at-large says:

    Rah, rah to Prachi’s comment above. Think about it, please. Gives us something good to look forward to. And would love to know if a new book is in the offing – I’d reserve my copy in advance.
    No chance of a sequel to this one?

    • Banno says:

      Desi-at-large, I’m definitely thinking of something new. It’s not come together yet. But will soon, one of these days, I hope. 🙂

  5. Rashmi says:

    Wow, the end…so soon?? First of all, let me say that I’ve read this everyday through reader, just never commented. It is a wonderful tale, please don’t end it here ….please write more.


  6. ano says:

    Huh? What? The End?? :O

    Thank you so much for a lovely read, but honestly, yeh dil maange more!

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