14 March

When High BP and Pallo met in Court today, I was expecting a bit more courtesy, and a little more warmth from Pallo, some sign of gratefulness for High BP taking back the case. But I seem to be too demanding of people. Because Pallo continued to be her cold, blank-staring self while she signed the necessary documents, and continued to ignore both High BP and me.

Later I fume over a cup of coffee: “She could at least have greeted you with some civility. All said and done, she has been unfair to you. And she shows no sign of remorse for that.”

High BP: “Come on, Appi, I don’t expect her to say ‘sorry’ to me. She has enough problems of her own, and she’s caught up in them. Forget it.”

I continue to scowl over my coffee.

High BP: “I must say that it’s a refreshing change to have you angry for me, and not angry AT me. Makes you prettier.”

I refuse to be distracted from my righteous rage.


2 Comments on “14 March”

  1. desi-at-large says:

    Pallo latke…
    Appi just revealed gusse-mein-pyaar there.

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