13 March

So-On calls: “She hasn’t written, she hasn’t called. She was meant to get a new cell phone in New York. And I don’t have the number. It’s horrid of her. ”

I make vague soothing noises, but that doesn’t seem to help him at all. He continues his rant.

I don’t know what he was expecting. I mean, it’s not as if they were committed to each other, and she needed to call him immediately she landed in New York. Of course, she will call, but it ill be in her own time, once she is settled, and taken out her phonebook from her suitcase. I don’t mean to be sarcastic, but I think Sam must be fed up too of So-On’s vacillations, and she’s strong enough to give him a good dose of indifference when necessary.


2 Comments on “13 March”

  1. desi-at-large says:

    Jet lag, perhaps, So-On? He’s smart enough to know or must Appi figure it out and tell him? Feelings of being disoriented and lonely in a strange country, too, Sam is human too.

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