7 March

High BP: “Appi, I’ve found a flat for 2x-y. Does she still need one?”

Me: “Yes, she does. She would have called me if she’d found something else. But where is it?”

High BP: “Borivali East.”

Me: “But won’t that be expensive for her? She must be paying very little at Nala Sopara.”

High BP: “I’ll see to it that she gets it for whatever she is paying now.”

Me: “How come?”

High BP: “It belongs to a friend of mine. It’s an investment flat, just lying vacant. He didn’t want to get into the hassle of renting it out. So it won’t matter to him what she pays.”

Me: “But she may not like that. She may think you are doing her charity or something like that.”

High BP: “Are all your friends as uptight as you? Where’s the charity in helping a friend? Anyway, it’s not as if this guy even needs the money, believe me. He’d be hassled if he had to show this flat and it’s rent on his accounting books. So we’d be doing him a favour if 2x-y did not pay him at all.”

I laugh. I cannot believe that amidst all his own troubles, he has bothered to remember 2x-y and her problems, and actually made the effort to arrange this flat for her. He is a good friend.


2 Comments on “7 March”

  1. desi-at-large says:

    I’m liking how extricating himself out of a knotty marriage has brought out a better human in High BP. Really, his BP must be normal or actually a little low with all the good karma he has acquired – first by seeing Appi for the sweetheart she is, his proposed kindness towards 2-xy.

    Nala Sopara, Banno! Dombivli or Kalyan sound less traumatic (speaking as one with roots in Greater Bombay CR).

    And that flat lying unused – brought back memories of a family friend-cum-caretaker of an empty flat, who let hubby and myself live there for quite a steep rent (considered nominal then), only for us to find ourselves summarily sans roof when the caretaker’s son decided to jack up that rent threefold. The bahu and beta living in our first rental stopped short of demolishing the flat because the makaan maalik decided to rent it to us.
    I hope High BP’s friend is more decent.

    • Banno says:

      Desi-at-large, I think Appi calls him High BP because he aggravates her. 🙂

      Ah, Nala Sopara is traumatic even to me, who lives on the Western line.

      And makaan maaliks specially in Mumbai are characters in themselves. It’s a nightmare to deal with most of them, and estate agents.

      I think High BP’s friend will be decent, just because he doesn’t care. 🙂

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