5 March

2x-y: “As soon as she heard me open the door, she came out on the landing and said that I should leave as soon as possible. When I asked her why, she started accusing me of being a serpent, and casting evil shadows around her house. I didn’t understand for some time, but then it came out that she thought I was tempting her husband. All because of the few kind words he said to me the other day.”

I keep quiet. Anything I might say will sound so banal.

2x-y: “I’ve been looking for a place anyway, I knew I couldn’t stay here for long.”

Me: “Have you found something?”

2x-y: “Not yet. It’s very difficult. And I’m so low these days. I guess that also puts people off. They can smell trouble.”

Me: “You can stay over at my place for a few days if you like. Until you find your own place. I know Ogre won’t mind.”

2x-y: “That’s very sweet of you, Appi. But she has given me a week-10 days to move out, I should find something by then, hopefully.”

High BP has been waiting for me while I am talking to 2x-y. When I put the phone down,

He says: “Was that your friend, 2x-y? Any problem?”

When I tell him, he says: “Let me check. Maybe I can find her a flat.”

I nod.

Me: “What did the detective say?”

High BP: “Forget all that. I just came to tell you that I want to pull the case out of court.”

Me: “Really?”

He nod: “Yes. Just check with Rusty, ask him what their terms are for a settlement. And what else?”
Me: “Well, you’ll have to file some papers in the Court.”

High BP: “Will you get those ready then?”

Me: “OK.”

I am surprised. High BP’s about-turn on the case is totally unexpected. What had his detective said that made him change his mind? Surprisingly, he does not want to talk about it. I don’t want to probe either. I am glad that I had stuck to my decision not to go to the detective with him. The information seems disturbing enough for High BP not to want to share it.


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