21 February

So-On: “Sam’s going, finally. She’s got her ticket and visa.”

He sounds very depressed.

Me: “Oh. Did you tell her?”

So-On: “What should I tell her? It’s not as if she doesn’t know my feelings. But she chooses to ignore them.”

Not very different from someone else I know. But this is not the time to think about my feelings. I can never bear to see So-On hurt.

Me: “Even so. Even if she knows what you feel, the fact is that you have never really proposed anything concrete to her.”

So-On: “I did ask her to go steady with me.”

Me: “That was 2 years ago, So-On.”

So-On: “Yes, but. If she had been interested, she would have at least tried out the relationship.”

Me: “That was then. And she did go out with you on so many dates. Maybe, she’s expecting something more from you now. The next step.”

So-On: “No, I don’t think so. Or she would not have decided to fly off.”

Me: “Maybe she got tired of waiting.”

So-On: “I can’t, I can’t just go all out and propose to her if she is going away. If I could go to New York, it would be different. We would be together.”

Me: “Yes, but if she knew you wanted to be together, she may still say yes, and wait for you in New York.”

Yes, this conversation is unbelievable. Because:

1. I am advising So-On instead of the other way around.
2. I am actually pushing him into proposing to Sam.
3. So-On despite all his professed love for Sam is still balking at committing.
4. And this is annoying me, instead of sending me into raptures of pleasure.


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