19 February

High BP SMS-es me while I am in Court.

High BP SMS: “I need to talk to you.”

Right. I call.

High BP: “I did it.”

Me: “What?”

High BP: “What Neempatta suggested. I’ve been thinking about it all this while. Now I’ve done it.”

Me: “Are you talking about the private detective business?”

High BP: “Yes. You know, I was reluctant. But then I figured, what’s the harm in speeding things up? I do want to fight the case, but I don’t have any hang-ups on getting it over as soon as possible.”

Me: “Good. Now perhaps we’ll be able to pre-empt Pallo. She seemed like someone who could drag this fight on forever unless her demands are met.”

High BP: “I wouldn’t lay much store on her behaviour. I know she’s hiding something, but I don’t think she has much staying power.”

Me: “You would know that better. However, people can become very tenacious when they are desperate, or when their egos are hurt.”

High BP: “Like me. Did you ever guess in college that I’d be for taking this case to court? I wouldn’t have thought so myself about myself. But now, I just don’t want to give up without a fight.”

Me: “How long does this private detective business take?”

High BP: “Not too long, I think. They seemed pretty used to this kind of case. A week or so, and they should know what she’s up to. I mean Mumbai is not that big a place. At least, not for these guys.”

Me: “I suppose so.”


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