18 February

Comma has to go to the airport to meet her parents. She asks me if I want to come along. I say yes.

While we are waiting outside the arrival lounge, Comma says: “They think The Prospect is the right guy for me. They like him. His family’s also nice, quite like ours, it seems.”

Me: “And you? Are you ready now to say ‘yes’?”

Comma: “I’m still nervous. But now I know things will move at such top speed, that I won’t be given any time to be scared.”

Me: “And that’s what you want, right?”

Comma: “I think so. Yes, that’s what I want.”

We wait quietly for some time. Watching the crowd of people around us, come to fetch relatives, friends, employers, guests, clients.

Suddenly, Comma says: “You know, I am also quite tired now of living alone in Mumbai. Living as a PG. All of that. It was fun, this single, independent business. But it’s been a long, long time. 6, 7 years. I wouldn’t mind a bit of comfort, a bit of domesticity now.”

I can see what she means. It’s different for me. After all, I live at home. And I have my family here. And I have this life-long love for So-On in my heart. But Comma has no one, nothing to keep her here in Mumbai.

She loves her work passionately, but it can hardly compensate for everything else that she is missing out on. And knowing Comma, she will continue working in Bhopal. She’s too driven by her work to give it up easily.

Like Comma herself, I feel relieved that her parents have stepped in to make this decision for her. I wish someone could step in and untangle the threads in my heart, that easily.


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