13 February

High BP: “21 movies, hey? How do you get the time?”

So he had got the packet I’d sent him on Monday.

Me: “So you counted the stubs? How did you have the time?”

High BP: “I did. Didn’t you count them before sending them to me? So, working late at office means cleaning up your drawers, yes? It would have been less sad to have gone out with me.”

Me: “It wasn’t sad. And I was busy. I just happened to clean up my drawers, and found these.”

High BP: “Right. Anyway, so do you want to come this week? Or you want to spend it cleaning the hard drive of your desktop.”

So-On had sent me 2 tickets for his new play just this morning. I’d been meaning to ask Etcetra or Comma to go with me. But then,

Me: “Not a movie. But we could go for a play, if you want to come.”

High BP: “A play? What play? I don’t much like plays.”

Me: “And you see many?”

High BP, reluctantly: “No, I don’t. But the few I’ve seen haven’t been exciting, really.”

Me: “And when’s the last one you saw?”

High BP, sheepishly: “6 years ago, when we were in college. The annual dramatics stuff.”

Me: “Hmm. So?”

High BP: “So what?”

Me: “Well, do you want to come or not?”

High BP: “Of course, I will. How could I refuse this historic offer, when you are actually asking me out.”

Me: “I’m not asking you out. I have 2 tickets. It’s a play being done by a friend.”
High BP: “And you are promoting it amongst heathen like me. What a noble friend you are, Appi! By the way, is it being done by your ‘regular boyfriend’?”

Me: “Yes, if you need to know.”

High BP: “Now I’m very, very interested.”

I am already regretting my impulse to ask him to come with me. Whatever got into me? Just that I feel bad about being so rude to him, always.


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