7 February

1. An old MP3 CD compiled by So-On of some Indian classical music, which I confess I have never listened to beyond Album 1, Track 2.

2. A photo of So-On at 15, in a fake beard and puffed sleeves and tights. I’d had it up on my soft board for a long time. I don’t know why I had taken it off. Now I put it up again.

3. 74 receipts of Udupi, Thai, Chinese, Punjabi, Continental and thali meals.

4. 21 movie ticket stubs that I put in an envelope and marked with High BP’s address with the idea of couriering it to him next week. No one can accuse me of being grown up.

5. 86 bills relating to the purchase of clothes, make-up, shoes, handbags, sanitary napkins, and such other items related to personal grooming.

6. 4 bills for photocopies from the corner Xerox shop.

7. 1 broken earring, 6 tattered hair crunchies, 2 broken hair clips.

8. ¼ kilo of unclassified lint.

This is what comes out of the drawers of my office table. Since I had decided to stay in much later than I needed to, to prove to High BP and Etcetra how busy I am, I had to find something to do.


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