23 January

2x-y is trying hard not to tremble. I put a reassuring arm around her. We are standing outside the Family Court. We have been shooed outside the Court premises by the guards who are now shamelessly staring at us.

Miku’s father had started screaming outside the Judges’ Chamber, and both his lawyer and me had been reprimanded severely for not keeping him under control within Court premises. Though I do not see how I can be held responsible for his behaviour, this is no time for petty grievances.

Miku’s father: “You slut! So this is why you want a divorce? To be with your lover boy? And all along you were pretending that you were a victim, that I had tortured you. Now the truth is out, isn’t it? Who was torturing whom? But don’t think you’ll get away with this. I’ll see to it that you come nowhere near Miku for as long as you live.”

We had tried to walk away from him, but he kept following us, screaming behind us, and attracting a larger crowd of mockers and gawkers. Exhausted, 2x-y and I stood still, and let Miku’s father continue screaming abuses at us, until he tired too, and stormed away. It’s only then that 2x-y broke down into sobs.

2x-y: “I have lost Miku forever, haven’t I?”

Me: “No, you haven’t. No Court will sanction your being kept away from Miku. It just doesn’t happen.”

2x-y: “But it can sanction that Miku does not live with me?”

Me: “Yes, it can. But even that is a remote possibility. All this screaming and shouting are only threats. They don’t mean anything in a Court of Law.”

2x-y, despondently: “Yes, but all these accusations will bias a judge, isn’t it? As it is, our judge doesn’t seem very modern in her attitude.”

Me: “That’s true. But you’ve known that all along. And didn’t we agree that we would fight regardless? Don’t let all this get you down. You haven’t done anything wrong. You need to believe that yourself. That’s half the battle won.”

2x-y nods. But she is still shaking. I fetch some coffee for her from the roadside vendor. The guards and the onlookers go back to their work slowly, losing interest in two women sitting sadly on a curb, sipping their drinks quietly.

2x-y: “Thank God, he didn’t bring Miku with him today. The poor kid would have been terrified.”

Me: “How did he find out anyway?”
2x-y shrugs: “Someone must have gossiped. No one cares about what’s wrong with the marriage. Being a woman, I’m meant to stick it out. Keep up the façade. God, how I hate it all. It’s so claustrophobic.”


2 Comments on “23 January”

  1. desi-at-large says:

    I wish I’d not guessed some of this, but what to do, one ages and begins to see the way of the world clearly.

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