16 January

So-On calls me from work.

He doesn’t usually do that, because he rarely spends more than a couple of hours every morning at the firm. Today, he is stuck there because the printer has jammed, and he has been asked to wait.

He goes in to sign on various documents or cheques, anything the accountant or company lawyer has piled up for him. I know he never bothers to read the papers before he signs them.

His father has scolded him often enough for being so negligent with his signature. Once, Uncle even slipped in a paper, which had So-On signing over his partnership rights in their firm ‘The Father & So-On’s Shipping Company Limited’, to his father, and So-On of course, signed it without looking at it.

I am sure that in fact, he would be glad to abdicate his partnership rights in the firm. He would much rather play the guitar, or act in a play, or attend a music concert, or see the latest Batman film. Or recite his dark, gloomy poetry at a poets’ reading.

As it is, he just seems to dabble in all of it, in a sincere but noncommittal way. Perhaps it is because he is always aware of the rope that ties him to the firm. That will pull him back at a given time, from whatever he is doing, however far he has gone. Back to the firm and his business responsibilities. The firm is bigger than his own likes or dislikes. And so, he never does go very far with anything.

Suddenly, it occurs to me that this tendency to dabble in various things carries over even to his attitude with girls. He dates several girls, is interested in what they do and say, seems passionate about them, but he never really commits to any one. Perhaps it is because he knows that the girl he does marry will have to fit in to a certain role within his family, he can never like someone just for who she is.

Except perhaps for Sam, who seems to be perfect for the role, but doesn’t seem too eager to play the part.


3 Comments on “16 January”

  1. desi-at-large says:

    The more I meet So-On, the madder he makes me. But by now, he seems downright wimpy. This commitment-phobia business is absolutely unpardonable, at least to me. And these people are usually able to behave in this flighty manner because they are surrounded by sincere people in the `ordinary’ parts of life, what I understand by zindagi ke jhamele.

    • Banno says:

      I meant for So-On to be the real romantic interest, but somehow as I wrote him, he did become more and more annoying. 🙂

  2. desi-at-large says:

    Yes, I started off by liking him because of how he was a friend to Appi and did not apparently take advantage of her. But see, even in your fictional universe, truth prevails ( all wild conjectures on my part.)

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