9 January

Ogre: “So that decides it, doesn’t it? I can’t leave Etcetra here alone. Why don’t you go for your trip with Comma? I’ll decide whether to go to Dodo, after you get back.”

Me: “Are you sure? I could ask Comma to fix our dates for Bhopal once you’ve visited Dodo.”

Ogre shakes her head.

Ogre: “No, no, once I do go over to be with Dodo, who knows when I will come back?”

Me: “What? Don’t tell me, that you will start wandering all over the countryside with him?”

Ogre laughs: “I just may. It would serve Etcetra right.”

Me: “And what about me? Why punish me? Leaving me alone with Etcetra. What have I done to deserve that?”

Etcetra comes in just then, and glares at us in her usual fashion, for no reason. Both Ogre and I burst out laughing, and we just can’t stop, at which Etcetra glares at us a little more.


7 Comments on “9 January”

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  2. desi-at-large says:

    Delightful! Yesterday, my younger daughter found that we were the only people in the room and breezily said, `Let’s talk about Dumbo, Mommy.’ Dumbo being her term of endearment for her big sister. And I burst out laughing because big sister was just out of the younger one’s range of vision. And this morning, Dumbo pulling out her plate for breakfast sat grinning and I said, `What?’ `Do you think she can hear us from here?’
    Sister Act, indeed.
    I was going to start screaming `More screentime for Ogre’ that first day when I read all the chapters and was happy that you did tell us some of her story too.

  3. Banno says:

    Desi-at-large, Thanks for sharing ‘Dumbo’. I love that term for one’s sister. In my case, I was the big sister. 😦

    Anyway, am curious, what do you mean, read all the chapters, do you mean the ones posted until now, or can you also read the other stuff too, which is scheduled to be posted every day? I’m still wondering if the schedule function is working as it ought to.

  4. dipali says:

    So far so good, as long as Jan 12 follows Jan 9 and nothing is being skipped in the middle 🙂

  5. desi-at-large says:

    Now how did I guess you were the big sister!
    I was able to read all the chapters until Jan 7, was what I meant (the ones posted until now.) That’s why I had to request you for more and my wish is being granted (Jan 8 and have yet to read the latest instalment.)

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