3 January

Dodo called this morning. His voice sounded weak and far away. All of us spoke to him, even Etcetra shaken out of her sleep, by Ogre.

Later, Ogre with a catch in her throat says: “I wonder if I should go and spend some time with him. I could at least make sure that he eats properly.”

Me: “Yes, why don’t you go? I’m sure he’s not going to come home, however ill he feels.”

Ogre: “But then, what about the two of you? How will you manage?”

Etcetra, wrapped up tightly in her quilt, quips: “We’ll manage fine. In fact, it will be a good change for us, if you go and monitor Dodo a little. And give us a break.”

I am sure she means to be funny, but Ogre is in no frame of mind for ‘funny’.

Ogre: “Yes, you would be glad, wouldn’t you? Feel less like a prisoner?”

Etcetra: “Exactly.”

Ogre: “I never asked to be a jailor. I’ve felt like a prisoner too, all these years, tied up to the two of you. Did you ever think of that?”

Etcetra gives her a long look, and ducks inside her Burrow. Ogre looks as if she would like to bite her tongue for having said what she had. She walks out of our room, before I can:

1. Stop her.
2. Hug her.
3. Tell her it is all right.

This is the first time in so many years, ever, that she has said something so bitter. Driven by Etcetra and her incessant back answering.

I do not mind Ogre’s words. But I know they will give Etcetra another reason to be cold and curt at home. If she is looking for reasons. I sit there for a long time, wondering why the Beautiful One had to die. And leave us all so alone. A family. Yet scattered apart.


5 Comments on “3 January”

  1. Shankari says:

    Waited so long for this!

    • Banno says:

      Sorry, Shankari. Hard to believe but I just got so carried away with work and various other things, that I forgot about posting here. However, it does me no end of good, to know that Appi is being read. 🙂

  2. Shankari says:

    Read and relished too! 🙂

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