31 December

I am determined to stay in bed late, though my toes are wriggling with the pressure of keeping still. Ogre makes me a breakfast tray, and brings me the cordless when the phone rings for me.

High BP: “Appi, want to come out for New Year’s Eve? We are going to a dance and dinner at Jujitsu, and I have an extra pass.”

Me: “I am flattered that you think I have no other plans for the evening.”

High BP: “Oh, do you?”

Me: “Yes. I do happen to have a date.”

High BP: “Someone I know?”

Me: “No.”

High BP: “My friends will be disappointed. They’ve all been asking about you. Specially Rags, you know, the guy from Forbes. The one you spent so much time with on the balcony.”

Though I want to say: “Didn’t know you were keeping tabs on how much time I spent with whom.”

I say, noncommittally: “Yes, I remember. Nice guy.”

High BP: “So, this date you have, is he your boyfriend? Regular?”

Me: “It’s none of your business, incidentally, but no, he is not my boyfriend. But he is regular, whatever that means.”

High BP: “Then why don’t you bring him along too? I’ll manage another pass.”

Me: “Does it occur to you that we may want to spend time alone?”

High BP: “Come on, not on New Year’s Eve. Who spends time alone on New Year’s Eve? You are meant to party with friends.”

Me: “Well, we are partying with friends. Our friends. We have something organized at his farm-house in Karjat.”

High BP: “Oh, ‘we’ and all. Are you hosting? Officially? That sounds serious to me.”

Me: “And what’s it to you?”

High BP: “Nothing, nothing. Just disappointed that you aren’t coming out with us. Rags will be disappointed.”

Me: “Yes, the extent of your disappointment should be proportionate to the time you took in asking me.”

High BP: “Are you upset I called at the last minute? But it’s just because I was too scared of you.”

Me: “You, scared? Yes, I believe that.”

High BP: “After the Christmas bash, I thought you would get the wrong idea, if I asked you out again. So soon after.”

Me: “Then why are you doing it now? Because you have an extra pass?”

High BP: “No, no, because Rags asked me to.”

Me: “Oh, Rags. Strange that he should ask you to call. He didn’t seem that shy the other day.”

High BP: “Do you want him to call? I can ask him to call you.”

Me: “NO. Since I ALREADY HAVE A DATE. Thank you.”

High BP: “OK. Better luck next time. Have a nice time. Don’t get stuck in traffic on your way back from Karjat.”

He does sound disappointed, even if it is on behalf of his friend, Rags. Or maybe it is the novelty of hearing ‘No’ from a girl.

Has anyone ever said ‘No’ to him? But of course, Pallo has, big time.

Anyway, what do I care? I cuddle up in bed, feeling very pleased with myself.


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