22 December

Neempatta waves a contemptuous hand at all of 2x-y’s fears. “A divorce case is almost always ugly. People are always going to say nasty things about you, whether they are true or not. They are going to term you a loose woman, whether you have an affair or not. So, why deprive yourself? Do whatever makes you happy.”

The look on 2x-y’s face makes me remember all over again why I admire Neempatta so much.

Neempatta: “But you have to be careful. Don’t do things like checking into a hotel room. These are the things that the other side can use as incriminating evidence. As for the rest, it can all be argued away as nonsense. Anyway, whether you are in an adulterous relationship or not has nothing to do with your getting custody of the child, legally. It just helps the other side to stretch the case for some more time, make things more stressful for you, try and break you. But you have enough experience of that already, don’t you?”

2x-y nods. Her face lights up with a fresh transfusion of courage that Neempatta is giving her.

Neempatta doesn’t have to say, “Don’t worry, we are with you.” For 2x-y to know that it is true. She squeezes my hand with gratitude. I wish my friends would find other ways beside physical assault, of expressing their pleasure.


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