8 December

As if I am not miserable enough after meeting So-On yesterday, High BP comes over to sign some papers. I ask him to write out a detailed case for himself, his story in a first-person narrative.

We usually ask the women who come in to do this, as a lot of them find it difficult to answer personal questions upfront, or miss out telling us things that could help the case. We don’t use the first-person story as the case report, but it does help us to add in details that could be important.

High BP laughs, “So you are going to get your revenge after all.”

I look up at him confused. Is he referring to That Incident in the library?

“Revenge? What revenge?”

“As if I don’t know how bugged your friends and you used to get that I never did my homework in class, and got someone or the other to do it for me.”

I retort, “Not someone or the other, but some girl or the other.”

He laughs even more. “Yes, that’s true. But I believe if you can get things done, why do them yourself?”

Me, meanly, “Yes, you would. So who are you going to get to write this for you?”

His smile dims a bit, “I guess I’ll have to do it myself.”

Me, persisting in being mean, “Why, no pretty girls hanging around?”

“No. Can’t afford it right now. Don’t want to give my wife something else to hit me with.”

I nod, “Right”.

“Anyway, you are the only pretty girl I know these days. And I know you are not going to help me with this, so I guess, I’ll have to work hard and write it myself.”

He ends with a wan little-boy smile, designed to charm women off their feet. I gape at him. I can’t believe he is daring to flirt with me. Smart aleck!

If he thinks he can charm me, he’s making a huge mistake. Why has Neempatta got me into this?


3 Comments on “8 December”

  1. dipali says:

    Uh-oh!!! Methinks Appi just might get charmed!

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