3 December

I see Etcetra in her Sir’s car. I am a bit shaken up. She’s meant to be in college at this time.

If I tell Ogre about it, there will be a huge row. I don’t mind that, but I’m not sure it will solve anything. I have to take some deep breaths and think about what to do with Etcetra.

If she knew I was writing about her, she would tear me apart. And I don’t think she would be too happy with the name I’ve given her. I like to tease her that she was an after-thought for my parents. She usually retorts back, “It’s because you were so disappointing.”

But we rarely fight these days. Since she’s out of the house, most of the time. I miss the fights!


3 Comments on “3 December”

  1. suniti says:

    Interesting. Want to know more about what is happening. I hope all the back issues to this story are available on this blog.

    • Banno says:

      Suniti, yes, if you go to the chapter index, you’ll be able to find all the links. Or just go to the home page, and begin from the beginning. 🙂

      You are not going to believe this, but was just thinking of you and Manisha last evening. It’s been such a long time since we met. Miss you.


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