2 December

Today, we observe Ogre’s Family Sunday.  It is like a religious ritual, this Family Sunday that Ogre insists upon. All of us must stay home, spend quality time together, eat our meals together, talk and watchTV together. I no longer remember when this ritual began, and what Ogre said to begin it, but for years and years, it has been so.

Etcetra gives me a pedicure, which is lovely, and we giggle a lot about Ogre’s fussing and nagging. Etcetra imitates her really well. Cruel, but funny!

But after that, Etcetra puts on the music full blast as usual. Ogre can’t complain, as she’s the one who has kept Etcetra home. I am exiled into the living room, as there’s no way I can go into that heavy metal racket that Etcetra is listening to these days.


3 Comments on “2 December”

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  2. dipali says:

    Hooked! Waiting eagerly for more:)

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